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Monster Doughnuts and more...

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The Monster Doughnuts Series

Deliciously Hilarious

If you like the idea of monsters, cakes, adventure and hilarity all in one place, the Monster Doughnuts series is for you!

Ten-year-old Grace is a tenth-generation monster hunter but when she meets the grumpy, rude, people-eaty, board game-loving cyclops, Mr Harris, her monster-hunting world is turned upside down…

Book one, ‘Monster Doughnuts’, sees Grace meet Mr Harris for the first time. She’s keen to explode him as quickly as possible with one of the very special cakes her sister, Danni, bakes in the family bakery - as she has a sneaky suspicion his mission to meet the Prime Minister won’t end well. But when she discovers Mr Harris has information about her missing parents, this particular monster hunt takes a very different turn for Grace. And there are some surprises for Mr Harris too, in the form of a shape-shifting relative who wants to destroy him…

Book two, ‘Cyclops on a Mission’ has Grace and Mr Harris working together in an unlikely partnership to close in on a ruthless Bottom Biter monster who is terrorising London.

Book three, ‘Beastly Breakout’ puts Grace and Mr Harris at the centre of a mission to recapture more than 40 monsters who have broken out of Monster World prison… but little do they know what’s in store for them!’

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Here are some wonderful reviews...

This is a fantastic book, full of adventure and fun. We loved the characters and all the little details about them all, they become so believable. It’s refreshing to have a book with some danger and suspense but still so entertaining.’

5 star Amazon review

My daughter and I love this book! It’s so funny and has the most brilliant characters.

5 star Amazon review

Loved the characters. Not sure who enjoyed it most, me or the kids!

5 Star Amazon Review

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A little bit about me

All I have ever wanted to do is write books, so being able to welcome you to my author website is pretty amazing!
​I started writing stories a very long time ago but it wasn't until my daughter, Sophia, came up with a brilliant idea for a character (Mr Harris, the ruthless, doughnut-loving, board game-playing cyclops), that I wrote 'Monster Doughnuts' - the first of a three-book series.

​Book one of the series was published in April 2021, by Piccadilly Press. Book two ‘Monster Doughnuts - Cyclops on a Mission’ came out in January 2022, and book three ‘Monster Doughnuts – Beastly Breakout’ was published in July 2022.  I am very lucky that the incredible, award-winning illustrator, Sarah Horne, was kind enough to bring all of them to life for me with her brilliant drawings.

​And as for a bit more about me - I grew up in Kent but spent quite a bit of time in northern Italy where a lot of my family live. When I'm not writing, I love reading, cooking, gardening, redecorating bits of my house and spending time with my lovely family and friends. 

If you'd like to know a bit more you can read my Q&A on where I answer important questions like what was my nickname at school and what is my favourite biscuit. 

​I'm represented by Rachel Mann at Jo Unwin Literary Agency. 

​You can contact me via - I'd love to hear from you!

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Monster Doughnuts (Book One)

Shortlisted for the 'Fantastic Book Awards'

Ever since their parents’ mysterious disappearance ten-year-old Grace and her older sister, Danni, have been running the family bakery, Cake Hunters. Their cakes and doughnuts are the best in town – but don’t be fooled, the shop is just a front for the sisters’ much more important trade! Grace and Danni come from a long line of monster hunters, and their amazing cakes are renowned for defeating all kinds of monsters, from Sock Stealers to Snot-nosed Ogres.
But when they come across Mr Harris – the doughnut-loving cyclops – the sisters realise they’re about to face their biggest challenge yet. Mr Harris is one tough cookie. He’s incredibly grumpy and quite people-eaty and not very good at keeping promises. But every monster has a sweet tooth, and resisting the Hunter sisters’ marvellous concoctions is no easy task.
When Grace discovers Mr Harris has information about her missing parents, she knows she has to find a way to gain his trust, and rescue her mum and dad from their extraordinary location.

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